Friday 26 December 2014

364 Days to go!

364 days to go!

Boxing day marks the start of the next countdown to Christmas (just for me apparently...).
The new year marks a new start, not a new me. Going to uni and applying for new jobs will be on the agenda for the next few months.
Only a short entry today because boxing day (this year) is Christmas day with mum. Right now I can smell home-made Yorkshire puddings and the potatoes being roasted, officially food heaven.
This past year has seen some financial trouble for my family, everything is always paid for and I know that we will always be in the green, but growing older means becoming aware of things we were so ignorant towards before.
We can afford this house and food, not forgetting the piles of presents under the tree this morning. So I will always be grateful.

Cannot find words to sum up this post, soz.., so I will simply wish you a Happy new year.

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