Tuesday 27 January 2015

Beauty essentials!

My beauty essentials consist of a few things that I use everyday. There's nothing too expensive or things that need a lot of thought beforehand. A quick application of each and you are good to go!

1. Moisturiser
I use a small pot of the Simple; Kind to skin Rich moisturiser. I always buy the small pot as I'm more inclined to make it last. I shake it, then use a tiny dab on the end of my finger and it does cover my whole face. If the tube was bigger, I'd pour out way too much, plus this way it's cheaper!

2. Brush
I use the Real Techniques Expert Face brush. This can be used with absolutely anything you want to use on your face, and on lazy days when I barely use anything, it's super good for blending. 

3. Make up bag
I've recently talked about this in my What's in my bag? video. The make up bag was super cheap and really good quality as its from Emma Bridgewater. I love her products, and I also love the cutesie ombre dotty design. The bag is big enough to fit around 3 bottles of foundation inside (if that tells you the size or not) so I can put all of these products in, without being able to take too much that'll take up a lot of  space.

4. Powder
I use the Smoothly does it powder from the new make up range from Poundland. For a product that is so obviously cheap, the coverage is really good. Like with any powder, the end look will be much more smooth/successful after the face and neck are moisturised thoroughly. I really would recommend trying out this range if you are on a budget (or even if you have a thing for powders).

5. Blusher
MUA make up is relativity new, and the price is very low still. Like most business' they may rack up the price (only a little) when they start to get a solid amount of buyers, purely as a business technique. I decided to buy a few things, before this did happen. This included a few nail varnishes, eyebrow pencil, blushes and lipsticks. Most of the make up's quality was good, the lipsticks didn't agree with my lips but the eyebrow pencil did wonders. This blush is also a very beautiful colour, a rosey pink which makes the cheeks look as though they have a natural blush rather than it being applied. The product itself is also small and handy.

6. Foundation
Other than my Holy Grail foundation which you can find a review on here, this foundation is a very close second best. The coverage is the best thing, but the only (personal) problem is the shade. Of course there are bronzers and blushes that can make my face look darker but I found that purchasing my shade in foundation made my skin look terribly pale and vampireish... however I do love this product and will definitely be purchasing it again, in this shade and one darker, to blend together. 

7. Mascara
As you my be able to tell, this Benefit Bad Gal mascara is the miniature version and was only £5. The brush is really thick, which I've talked amount in my latest video, but it is the easiest mascara to put in your make up bag and re-apply without having to look in a mirror for ages.

8. Concealer
Like the millions of other bloggers, Collections famous concealer is super cheap and works very very well. If you haven't tried it yet then you're missing out. The colour is very important to get right though, as a light shade is very light (perfect for my pale skin) but without a bronzer or foundation with a slightly darker colour, you might look flushed out. However for lazy days or quick pops out of the house, this is perfect to have.

9. Eyeliner
Soap and Glory are my favourite brand. Period. Their Original Pink smelling products are perfect and you can find their logo situated around my room on many products. Their eye-liner works really well too. It's lovely to smudge and can be applied as thick or thin as you want it. The sharpener is handy too, but needs regular cleaning as the pencil ends do get stuck in there after a few rounds.

All of these products fit into this bag, and I love each one of them. For a day where you don't really care about having a full face of make up on, they are perfect. Simple and natural looking, the best way to be. 

K x


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  1. Completely have to agree with you on the foundation. I've carried on buying the same one for years I love it that much. I've not tried any of the MUA products though,I keep meaning to when I go make-up shopping.

    rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx


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