Wednesday 4 February 2015

Wishlist #1

My 'favourite' colour has changed many a time during my life, from red to pink, purple to my now green. I passed my driving test in the October of 2014, and I'm still yet to get a trusty cheap metal box to take me places. 
When I saw the new Fiat 500 advert with the cars all in colours, I instantly fell in love. The fiats are beautiful cars, small and compact but big enough to take you, and your three best girls (and loads of bags) on shopping trips or the inevitable girls holiday. But they're also expensive. I thought about buying one when my student loans come in, as I can justify spending that much on something that will take me to university every day. However the deposits and the final payment are things that I can't trust that I'll be able to afford when the time comes. And that makes me very sad.

So for now this beautiful beautiful car will be on the top of my wishlist. When I graduate I aim to have one, whether I have to work in every spare moment or not,

Erghhh why can't money grow on trees?!

K x


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