Friday 8 May 2015

Product review: Essence Lash Princess Mascara

This mascara is the cutest, from the name Lash Princess to the black and pink colour on the tube.

Recently I've been using the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, something that I idolise and still think is the best mascara out there. However lash princess ( or LP as it will now be known) is still gorgeous. 

The brush is fab, individual brushes that cling to a large amount of the product, allowing a quick application when you're on the go. The lid also has a pink plastic design with the material allowing you to get a better grip when applying. 

I will be using the mascara often, maybe not everyday, but surely for days where I only want a little make up on and a more natural look, which is what the mascara is good at. Each lash is lengthened individually and its great for those pesky lashes on the bottom lid, without causing a mess under your eyes. 

Essence's Website here!

K x


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