Tuesday 18 August 2015

Starting University

In the September of 2015, I will be going off to university. My A Level grades weren't the best (other than that one subject I finished the course of, half a year early...) but those two years have gone now and it's time to start a new chapter in the fab life of Katie. Woop.

I'm studying Law (LLB) at The University of Hertfordshire. I will forever be in two minds about university accommodation/halls. You could go, spend around £150 a week (because this gal aint sharing no bathroom) and continue to lose a good amount of your student loan/grant per month and try to make ends meet. Orrrrr stay at home, drive there (hour an a half on a good day isn't pleasing however) and pay my mother a quarter for 'rent' than what I would have done otherwise. But...I like homeware hauls :( I do feel like I'm missing out on an experience of staying away and the halls life, but I'd know I'd hate it anyway. I've lived in a shared room for 13 years, always being the tidy one who buys the little decorations or who dots cute picture frames around the place. The prospect of a tidy room with only my crap inside is beautiful but also extremely lonely. I don't go out partying every weekend, I've never even thought about going to a club (the claustrophobic aspect is terrifying) and I'm extremely picky with friends. I would most likely go off on an OCD rant if the kitchen was left a mess, I like tea every hour and I'm in bed by 9, alone, ages away from anyone I actually like. So when it came down to it, I agreed with the latter and didn't apply for Uni accommodation, instead buying my 03 Model Nissan Micra, named Maisie. 

This then leads me on to talking about finances and jobs, of which I do not...and then do have, respectively. As I've said before, I work in a department store in Westfield, Stratford (London). The travel right now is bad enough in itself. I leave 2 hours early, spend around £30 odd a month on travel when I barely get paid anything at all. If I drove, I'd easily be tippling the money on petrol and the welllllll overpriced car park. Come September, my child's oyster card (for those in full time mainstream education aged 11-16 then 16-18) runs out, meaning I now do not get free bus rides nor half price train fairs. So add doubled trains plus silly amounts for bus fairs 4 times a weekend. I need a job, I think being 18 and not having worked a day in your life is silly as your work ethic, people skills and general knowledge of the world is decreased. Also you gon be broke. 

I want to come out in 3 years and say I have a degree. I want my blog to be successful and for my YT channel to be alot more known about than it currently is. I want to move out before 3 years is up and I want my relationship to still be going strong. The next 3 years of my life are the most important times I'll ever have, and they all start in just a matter of weeks.

*Keep an eye out for my Uni haul on my channel soon!*

K x


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