Tuesday 26 April 2016

Seventeen Lipgloss collection review

The pretty packaging. The price tag. The two things that attract you to a set like this. But does that always mean the quality won't add up? Today I bring you my view on these lovelies, how they wear and if the colours are as pretty as they seem.


The range goes from a very sheer sparkly colour to a deep red. The pinks are lovely and perfect for a light gloss for the summer. 


Although I do love the colours, with these, the deeper and darker the colour is, the richer and longer it lasts. The red is very pigmented and gives a lovely sheen. Whereas the lighter shades are hard to see but still give a nice gloss to could be used over lipsticks or pencils. 


I wore the red for a few hours and I was super impressed. It lasted for a while whereas the lighter colours did seem to fade after about 2 hours. If they were over a lipstick like I've said, the the colour and sheen may be locked in for longer. 

For a cheap little set I was surprised. The quality of the glosses is high even if the colour pay off isn't consistent throughout each one. I would definitly recommend for a little gift!


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