Wednesday 11 May 2016


Where would you like to go this Summer? For me it's either a lovely break in a forest relaxation centre (aka a Center Parcs type situation...hint hint...) or a city break to Paris (the home of DisneyLand obviously). When a big ol' parcel was delivered to the door a few weeks so; I was so excited to test the new fragrance range from So...?. I'll put the disclaimer here...I'm not being paid to write this but thought I'd share my thoughts on the products! They're cheap and cheerful and every Christmas I'll always be given a pack of their sprays which are super handy for your handbag.

LONDON: This scent was very much an evening one. A perfume that you'd wear to go out to a dinner or party as it's slightly heavier and something that you would want to last alot longer.

NYC: This one was a weaker smell and the scent came through after a few seconds instead of the moment it was sprayed. It was a little spicier than the rest with a hint of mint coming through!

PARIS: This was my favourite. A very fruity scent with a classic perfume esk to it, if that makes sense at all!

RIO: My sister's favorite! Like PARIS this was also a slightly fruity scent. Perfect for a summer's outing that you could wear day to day!

Big thanks to So...? For gifting me the fragrances! Click here to buy...


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