Sunday 12 June 2016

Top tools for the average Youtuber!

Not too long ago I shared my top tools for bloggers, to help those new and old to the game! As that was one of my most successful posts, I thought I'd carry on with the advice posts and share my top tools for youtubers!


My holy grail for compressing my videos. I struggle to upload videos via my home wifi as it is super slow (not for anything else though may I add!) and restricts any other wifi usage. By compressing my videos, I am able to upload a lot faster and the site makes sure that you can keep the resolution and quality!

iMovie for iPad

I use iMovie on my Mac to edit my videos. However I recently downloaded it for my iPad and I'm very very impressed! I know alot of big youtubers opt for using this method too for it's simplicity but quality productions.

Pic monkey

My go-to for thumbnails. I use nothing else than PicMonkey's various resources for all types of thumbnails and also iMovie hacks! (Search anything along the lines of iMovie hacks on Youtube and a TON of fab videos will pop up and loads use Pic Monkey for things that look super hard to make!)

Youtube music library

Don't underestimate this. It's undeniably the first tool that any Youtubers have and continue to use. Soo many of the background and theme songs that 'big' youtubers use come from here! All downloadable, free and at a click of a button. (They even show you songs in the charts/your favourite artist's albums, that you can and cannot use!)


A little gem! I use this for channel art and my channel profile picture! They have every size available to use for all types of edits. Make facebook banners, twitter banners or pinterest sized posts among many! I can't rate this high enough for both the Vlogger and the Blogger!

*Do you have any tools for Youtubers that you couldn't live without?*


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