Thursday 13 October 2016

We're heading to SOUTHCHURCH...

Have you heard of South Church? With 4 singles, and being played on stations such as Introducing Essex and Funky Essex; I don't know how you couldn't have. 

I don't usually review bands as such, and I'm not one to listen to things that aren't One direction-esk pop. But, inspired by the likes of The 1975, Craig David and Artful Dodger, their new single Fading is one to listen to.

The group is from Essex, and consist of four members; Taylor Stanley Kaye (Vocals/Keys), Casey Kaye (Vocals/Guitar), Aaron Lee (Vocals/Guitar), and Conor Graves, (Drums/Production) (and just so happens to be family, if you couldn't already guess).

The band have collaborated with a few well known names, including Maxi Priest and Sonna Rele whilst selling out at one of Essex's biggest clubs, TALK. They've also played at places like Chinnerys in Southend and The Social, in Oxford Circus.  

Future Gigs are soon to be announced so don't forget to get following on their social media to be the first in the know.

Fading: (Trackstone Records) : 
Buy here 

Twitter: @southchurchuk
Facebook: @southchurchuk
Instagram: @southchurchuk
Soundcloud: @southchurchuk

*Their YouTube is pretty fab too so click here to check it out!*



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