Sunday 11 December 2016

Stocking Filler gift guide

Arguably one of my favourite things about the Christmas period, hand picking gifts for your most loved. Today I bring you a gift guide for the little gifts, perfect for stockings or maybe a little hamper!

Head on over to my youtube channel to see my Full Ladies Gift Guide.

Every supermarket in the country has started selling those tubes/boxes of little chocolates for around a pound. Pop a few in anyone's stocking and you'll be at the top of the nice list this Christmas! Another love of mine is gift cards. These can be a 'main' present or shove a five or tenner on one from the recipient's favourite store and you're good to go. I love gift cards because it gives me an excuse to sale shop without the feeling of wasting my own money!

Two ideas that I adore are socks and hand warmers. Nothing beats being warm on a cold winter's night and personally, my feet and fingers are the first things to get chilly, so these would be a big hit. Socks are sold everywhere, from cheap as chips Primark ones to Ralph Lauren or Happy Socks.

Lip balm is essential for this time of year, so get wrapping and prepare to pukka up.

Like the gift cards, jewelry can be both a stocking and a main present, no matter the price. I love delicate necklaces and bracelets, especially around the party season, and love this one from Statement Made Jewellery. They're super cute and not expensive at all, so would make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas!

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