Monday 20 March 2017

Why this is the best Highlighter I've ever used

The Sleek Cleopatra's Kiss highlighting palette. At £10, this affordable box of dreams is all I'll need for the foreseeable future for any glowing to be done. The gold packaging is beautiful, and can easily be used as a mirror itself. There is a mirror, inside however, that is every make up'er on the go's best friend. When in Amsterdam; there was only one mirror which was in the bathroom, so this was a lifesaver for when the WC was occupied. 

My  go to shade is Goddess, which is a pinky/rosegoldey kind of shade, giving a light, but highly noticeable, shine to the top of cheek. This is a powder shade, much like Sphinx. These are both my favourite type of highlight to use in general.

The cream shades; Delta and Dynasty, are equally as beautiful, with a more prominent look. Because these are heavier, they require much less application and are super soft so a joy to apply. I'd use these for when I'm having a full face makeup kind of day.

Sphinx, Goddess, Delta and Dynasty

I cannot live without this now!

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