Sunday 11 June 2017

Why the past year saved my MH

We all know the story. This time last year I ended my first relationship, got a new job and made my little blog into something with a little bit (ok a tinsy tiny bit) of extra income. 
The overall consensus is that this past year has been the best in far too long. Not for anything particularly special but because I cleared my mind and my anxiety (mostly) just flew away.

The what and the whys.

Blog income. Not huge. I'm not rich. But since my first sponsored post, I haven't thought for a second about stopping. I love it. My family love it. And a few of my closest pals reap the benefits too ;)

Job. I left my weekend job. The job that made me hate Fridays and adore Mondays. The job that most likely helped to increase my joint pain to points where I could have cried. I started a full time job at somewhere I'd been for the past 7 years anyway. It felt like coming home. 

People. The big one. My best friends are undoubtedly the ones I met at the job. From my first night out to pub drinks on the last day of term. I sat there the last time we went, sipping my coke and just looked around at the wonderful people. Some of which I'd happily call family.

Trip. I went to Amsterdam. No parents. My first proper duty as an adult I feel. To travel to places unseen by those around me. I survived it. 

Uni. I've applied once again for university. However I don't feel pressured this time. Right now I'm fine. I'll get there eventually.

I'm calm now. I stress out all the time and overthink everything. But I don't think this will ever leave me. For now though; I'm doing good. 

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