Wednesday 12 July 2017

White, stone and neutral tones

White. Stone. Pale pink. My favourite colours. I'm known to wear white or pink on a daily basis and when I haven't, I've been question as of why. Today's outfit showcases my usual weekend out of house outfit. I'd also wear this to work, with a change of top of cover the shoulders! 

The top was something silly like £4-6 from Primark. It's off the shoulder and being so simple, I adore it and neeeed to buy a few more incase I ruin this one!
The trousers are also Primark. The ankles are a little tight to put on and the material isn't the thickest, so nude undies are required. However it's perfect for a mild-hot summers day where a dress, skirt or shorts aren't required.
These go perfectly with these loafers from Linzi. I bought these a while ago and I'm still in that blister faze. However, pop on a few thick and large plasters, some invisible socks and you're good to go. They're incredibly thick, so easy to walk in, comfortable minus the blisters, and I love the brown edging around the sole.


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