Wednesday 1 November 2017

Hello November

The clocks strike 11.59pm on the 31st of October and my excitement rises. In one minute there will be two months left of 2017. The best two months of the year. 


The first few weeks of November are always touchy. Is it too early for Christmas celebrations(no)? What will I plan for my birthday each year? How cold is too cold? This November will see my 21st birthday, a party that I've been planning for what seems like the entire year, and the start of Christmas preparations, which are always my favorite.

This past year has been a weird one. From my mum's sudden diagnosis to friends come and gone, 2017 hasn't always been plain sailing. However November always has an air of a new start for me. 

So heres to cosy nights, hot chocolate, roast dinners and fireworks.

Hello November.


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