Thursday 11 January 2018

Skincare with a (Belle) vue

January, the perfect time to review everything you do, and switch it up if needed. I'm not a skincare expert. Back in October at the Olympia Beauty show, I had a skin consultation and had one of those scan things that delves deep into your face to see any problem areas that you may not be aware of, and what vitamins or products would be most tailored to your face. I kind of left it as that for a while, as some of the products suggested, were quite expensive and my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish would do me just fine for now. Bellevue London then got in touch, and offered to send me a few products from their range to try over the last few months, and today I thought I'd share the results. 

A day and a night cream:
Both are rather thick creams, so suiting the drier skinners of us (did that make sense?) My skin type changed per season and may be completely different from year to year so trying to find a skin care product that I'll use over and over, can be a challenge. I'll happily use a thick, hydrating night cream as with my usual 11 hour sleep routine, it has enough time to sink in. Day creams that are this formula aren't usually my type to go for, as the 40 mins I have in the morning mean I need a quick drying moisturiser, or risk my primer and foundation being one big clumpy mess on my face once I walk out the door. If however, you are dry and DO need that extra bit, both of the creams aren't half bad. They say they've included a whole host of fancy salts and vitamins that I'll have no idea what does what so I shant bore you with it. I also use the night cream everyday if that's any sort of help xo

An eye gel:
'Erase fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet' take any product with a pinch of salt as natural aging is nothing to worry about. The brand says the eye gel can help with elasticity, which at my age (21 is old now), I should probably start looking into. I haven't really got and problems with my eye area, expect the bags that seem to happen but I call them the stress sag, so I can't provide too much of an opinion of the product. However, I do believe that using a range of products from one company is very beneficial, sometimes over mixing and matching so it can only be a good thing(don't shoot me).

A serum:
Completely against all better judgement, I started using this in the morning as a base for my makeup. The thinness of the Facial serum made a great layer to put my primer on top of as it set really quickly. It promises to help with evening out skin tones, which if works, would be great as I have red cheeks (free blush anyone?) that  can sometimes show through foundation.

Overall, I was shocked at how much I've stuck to using certain products and how my skin felt after using them. I expect the brand to be more well known this year so if you fancy grabbing anything off the site, click here and using code wkdn50bv for 50% off!


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