Tuesday 5 February 2019

How to wear Pantone's Colour of the year when it's not your colour at all

It would be a push to say that I hated coral. I don't have a thing for it, or look it and think 'wow' but nonetheless, it's not too bad. I like pinks, browns, beiges. I'll slip something black or grey in there too sometimes, but never coral. I've usually been fully on board with Pantone's colours of the year, with my wardrobe usually having a few pieces of that shade. This year, 2019, the colour is "Living Coral", whatever that means. It's a mix of orange and pink, more pink but not pastel pink. I am a muted pink or  a "Rose Quartz" colour (of 2016) kind of gal as it were.

Things may change in the summer months. I may opt for a coral shirt with white culottes, or a coral midi skirt with a white cami. When will white be the colour of the year please? It's the colour of my life already.

Anyway here's a couple of (very very basic) ways to brighten up your look if you fancied trying it yourself. 

Make up
I picked up a YSL lipstick in the Boxing day sales last year ('18). One red, one nude and one coral. It's the coral's time to shine. It's easy to wear with a soft looking face, nothing too bold. A transparent liner from Bourjois works well to add definition before a light swipe of the colour over the lips. Simple. 

Perhaps my biggest challenge, coral is NOT a colour I wear at all. It just so happened that a few weeks ago I was contacted by a brand (Look Again.co.uk) and on the list of products I could pick to style within our collaboration, a little coral suit set jumped out at me. Now, for photographic purposes I've slapped the blazer and trousers together, and I'd happily wear them with a lace cami and heeled sandals in the summer, but for now they'll be work separately. Blazer with an all white look, and the trousers with... well pretty much the same thing.

Annnd that's really all I have to say on the subject. If coral IS your thing then fabulous, enjoy. If, like me, it still haunts you a tad but you're TRYING then I praise you. It's only for 10 more months.



  1. I also much prefer pink to the orangey 'Living Coral', and it irks me that Pantone never seems to include the shades of pink I love so much amongst their colours to vote on for their 'Colour of the Year'. I may conceivably try pairing an outfit piece in 'Living Coral' with a complementary colour - possibly in the blue or turquoise range?
    The outfit you styled looks pretty, stylish and attractive. Even though the colour is not your favourite you wear it well.


  2. I’m not sure of living coral it’s a bit too orange for my liking – Rose Quartz is more my colour. Although I have to admit the blazer and trouser outfit does love rather nice so maybe I could be converted!

    Jess xxx || littlepinkduckblog.blogspot.co.uk


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