Wednesday 20 March 2019

Transitional staples for SS19

I thought as I'd write this the sun would be shining and my grass would start to turn a little greener. In fact, we've just had a huge hailstone storm and the washing has been dragged in more than once today after the downpours start-a-coming. It is however just over the middle of March, and Spring officially starts the day this goes live. In the hope of warmer weather, here is a few of the transitional staples I'll be wearing over the next month or so, until a thin jacket is enough and the knit wear is packed away.

The roll neck
A thin top, and one to block the wind down the back of your neck. I have these out all year round, as someone who felt the cold in the middle of the Cyprian summer last year. My shades are of course while, beige and brown, with the rare grey for days I'm 100% sure I won't sweat through it (we've all been there). 

The midi skirt
Being petite, I first thought that midi skirts would be more maxi on me. I've come to realise that I love them, and if paired with some see-through tights, will take you through the end of the winter into spring with ease. Oh, and this I Saw It First one is hitting those snake print trends too. 

The mid heel
I love these heels all year round. Not a kitten heel, but a more blocked version. I can walk places, drive in them, and they look far dantier than I first thought. I have many versions in many colours, and these New Look slingbacks have done me very well so far. 

The trend bag
I'll never be able to afford a Dior, so this New Look saddle bag will happily do to cover this year so far's "it bag". 

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