Monday 15 July 2019

Going blonde with Whiteman Soho

When I was 15 or so, dying my hair was a yearly (or more) hobby I rather enjoyed. I wanted the "omg it looks so different" comments and have always had a dislike for my dark brown hair. It got to the point two years ago where my hair was so damaged and so dry that cutting it into a bob was the best thing for it.

I loved that bob, and wouldn't ever rule out going for it all off again, but my hair doesn't like to grow fast, and after 6 months or so I start to yearn for flowing locks again. You see the issue here? Anyway if I wasn't going to cut it, I needed something else to do. So back came the dye. When Whiteman Soho agreed to become my Hairy Godmother, I was over the moon. The consultation came first, discussing which shade would suit my original colour as I'd chosen a balayage. I had a patch test and came out very much excited for my appointment the following week.

My stylist was Billy, and he knew exactly what he was doing from the colour to the cut so I'd recommend him to anyone. We started by going over everything, double checking what I wanted then he explained that he would do a more blended balayage as I wanted subtle tones rather than icy blonde to start. After an hour or so of applying, it took no time at all for the colour to stay put. It was washed out, toned twice and conditioned to keep it healthy. I asked what to do about going into the pool on my holiday in a few weeks, and Billy said to put a leave in conditioner on beforehand, if anyone wanted to know.

We chopped the ends off, fixed up my fringe and was treated to a blow dry and curls. I love it. The colour is a very soft beigey blonde and starts high up enough that you can't really see where it starts, but nothing on the root, aka low maintenance. I really couldn't recommend Whiteman Soho and Billy enough. If you fancied booking click here for their site. The salon itself is so modern and simple, and adds to the experience itself, plus it's located in the Ham Yard so you'll be feeling very fancy walking out after too! Oh and whilst you're there, you may as well head to my favourite restaurant in the area for a quick lunch and a show off of your new look ;)

A big thank you to everyone at the salon, my hair is perfect and ready for the summer now!

*This was a gifted experience by Whiteman Soho.


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