Sunday 18 August 2019

Goodbye summer

This was the first year where I actually looked forward to summer. It got to April time and my precious roll necks became a burden and all I wanted was a chance at a tan. We booked a week in Spain and the lead up was exciting and all, but the minute it was over and England switched between rain and sun, I became so quickly over summer and wanted brown leaves on the floor and corduroy skirts back in my life asap. 

This has been the best summer (of my life shall we say) with a holiday and J and actual friends and said friends' engagement and career prospects to look forward to. But that's all I'm doing now, looking forward. So I'm more than happy to say goodbye to summer, how perfect it all was and all, but to welcome darker evenings and my first spot of a tree decoration in September, the words 'it's all too early' from any man I've ever known and the smell of bonfires and jumper shopping and warmth in such a different way. I'm ready for the cosiness of blankets and when asking for a cup of tea at the pub doesn't seem so silly now.

So goodbye summer and hello Autumn. And please God let me get more original content because I'm cringing at myself already. x


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  1. That dress is gorgeous!!!!!!
    Everything about it is beautiful, from the inset rows of crocheted lace, to the beautiful floral print, to the design and flare of the dress.
    You look fabulous wearing it and the highlights in your hair look pretty.
    It always amazes me how fast the seasons go by. I'm very happy for you in that you are looking forward to autumn. Your blog's content is wonderful.


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