Tuesday 10 December 2019

The gift guide for the home

I've had a few people in my life move into their first (or second) homes this year, so decorations and bits and bobs are high up on the agenda for gifts (whilst I have an excuse). Here's a list of my top homeware bits:

Mugs- I mean they're perfect for decoration and hot chocolate (or tea or coffee) drinking when it gets chilly in the evenings. The bigger, the better as they say...

Candles- Not just any candles- Christmas candles. Because WHY NOT

Personalised tree decorations- for my boyfriend's brother and his new girlfriend, I bought a little bauble with 'first christmas' on and their names, and from Etsy, a painted bauble with their family's surname on, in the only two colours his mum has on their tree. Girlfriend points at the ready...

Big chunky blankets- this one from matalan is a bargain for £20 and I'll be keeping it and ordering another because I love it that much. Soz mum.



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