Wednesday 15 January 2020

2020... 15 days in

It's the 15th of Jan. I've kept my new year's resolution of going vegi, and I've even got an interview lined up for a job. This year I'm using the whole "secret" thing- putting positive things into the universe, including numbers and dates, and putting them into being. So we shall see how that goes. 

I'm ready this year for a new start. Job wise, both full time and my internet kind. I have a new style too, casuled down a tad whilst still being over girly. If that even works.
I'm ready for the new year, and the new decade, and I'm so excited to think that in 10 years, I'll (hopefully) be married off and kidded up. Oh, and have a walk in wardrobe in my huge house. Obviously.

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