Sunday 6 December 2020

The 2020 Hair update

This past year gave me alot to think about, and a lot of time to think about it. I've wanted to be blonde for as long as I can remember, so decided to use the money I'd saved to go the full hog. In July I booked an appointment at Toni and Guy and had a little balayage done. My hair is very dark naturally, and after a couple of weeks, with growth and being able to find the right toning shampoo, I wanted a little more on top. I'd booked for a touch up in August, and asked for a little more blonde towards my roots. I wanted (and still resist the urge) to go fully blonde, knowing that my fast growing hair and uncertainty of 2020 would stop me from going the whole way.

I've always been the "what's next" type of gal, and the second I was happy with the colour, I wanted a shorter cut. I hated the last time I had a bob, but purely for the fact that it was ear height and I'd always had super long hair. However, I'd seen many mannny of the girls I follow online go for the chop, so of course, in true influenced fashion, I went for it. And loved it. The colour worked so much better and I felt far more confident. That was until I realised that with the balayage at the back quite low down, and when I had it all chopped off, there was a tad bit of blonde left at the ends, and it just didn't sit right. I was then contacted by the PR for Moe Harb, who had recently moved into the old Duck and Dry salon at Oxford Street. I popped down one afternoon and honestly the team could not do enough. Mo spent ages talking me though what I wanted and what he could do to get the result I wanted. This included a trim to my outgrown hair, and another colour session for my roots and darker areas. I finally came out with the hair I'd wanted for months. Moe also used Olaplex, a product I'd obviously heard of before, but had never been offered (and hadn't gotten round to buying myself). My hair was super shiny and soft, something I'd always worried about when bleaching it. 

The Salon, Beauty Club London, has a fabulous team who couldn't do enough for me. They have an extensions lab and offer everything from nails to lashes too. The visit was kindly gifted by Jeneration PR but I'd happily recommend them, and Moe, to anyone. 

Click here to book.

I can see myself keeping the short blonde hair for a while now, and have decided to try and nail the messy/curls that I've been loving on the socials. This year may have been a write off, but I've achieved a mini dream I've had for a couple of years, so that's definitely something to smile about. 


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