Monday 14 December 2020

The rise of the shacket


Well wasn't the shacket the trend we never saw coming? Popping up out of no where the mix of shirt and jacket made it the perfect mix for the autumn, and it doesn't look set to leave for the winter either. I'm not usually a trend follower as such. I have my style, one that's not to everyone's taste at all, and usually trends don't fit into this. So when I saw Shein had a tweed version of the piece, I jumped right on it. It's beige of course, what else would you expect? It's very lightweight so perfect for layering, and long enough to cover your bum when wearing leather leggings and a good pair of granny pants under neath. The things we have to think about aye? I've paired it with my Shein combat boots, leather trousers from Zara and a beige H&M jumper underneath. 

Buy the jacket here. Use code katiecouture15 for money off! Search code: 1551993

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