Sunday 18 September 2022

A Sunday night 2022 update

It's been a year. We have a new job, *almost* had a house, and had the best summer. This is my 2022 so far, sort of.

My 2022 has mostly gone from my memory, so we'll cover half of the year, if that's ok with you. June saw a job offer that I couldn't turn down. Back in September 2021, I asked school if I could train to teach there. Initially I was met with no's, talk of no budget amongst other things. It took till June 2022 to get a phone call offering me the job I'd ask for all those months ago. Paid and all. So this September I began training to teach Business Studies, for year 10-sixth form. My training has included being thrown into the deep end straight away. I had an induction week, and then my first day saw 3 full 100 minute lessons. It has been a busy week. 

The summer, my 6 weeks holiday, saw a holiday, a festival, multiple trips to the theatre and of course, another bout of covid. The latter knocked me once more, and sadly, did not reignite my taste or smell as I had everything crossed for. Working backwards, the festival was my first ever. We were invited down to Elrow Town, and although I am definitely a more One Direction kind of pop kinda gal, I really really enjoyed myself. It really was the best day.

A week or so before that we were in Lanzarote, my first overseas trip since Rome in February 2020. At the airport we bumped into a couple of people that I work with, and met up with them for dinner one night. We spent a morning on a catamaran, spent a couple of days pool lounging and ate at every Italian restaurant we could find. I've written a more in depth post about Lanzarote here if you wanted to know more.

In June my grandfather passed away suddenly also. A punch to the soul that I wasn't expecting and that really shook me until the past few weeks.

I mentioned the house above and as of writing this, tomorrow I *think* we're pulling out of it. We've encountered three issues so far, one with the survey and two with the owners themselves not being truthful, so are cutting our losses whilst we can. Although of course, I'm heartbroken that we won't be moving out by Christmas, and the house hunt continues, I know that this will be a lesson for the next house we look at. 

The rest of 2022 really wasn't all that busy so getting to June and having everything that I've mentioned above starting up, was a shock to the system, and I'm now a regular napper for the first time. The rest of '22 will see a couple of trips, 8 hours Milan, and weekend in Paris for my birthday. 

2022 so far has been a lot of ups, and a couple of major downs, but I hope that come December 31st, I can look back and see not only these peaks and troughs, but the growth that came with each and every one too.


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  1. Kudos on your hard work at your new business studies teaching job, on surviving your bouts of Covid,
    and on taking the time to do this lovely blog post!
    You look fabulous, and I love the scalloped details on the dress you were wearing in the photos above.
    Those flowers look beautiful. My condolences on the passing away of your grandfather. ;-/
    It's unfortunate that you had the issues+disappointments with the house you had planned to purchase -
    but kudos on having been doing your due diligence!
    Best wishes for this coming autumn season and beyond!


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