Saturday 13 April 2024

New York: 6 nights at the Warwick


The Warwick Hotel, New York City.

Warwick hotels are across the globe, but the NYC location may just be one of my favourite hotels yet. Situated on the corner of 6th Avenue and 54th Street, the hotel is quite literally in the middle of it all. A ten minute walk north sees Central Park and my personal favourite, the Upper East Side. 10 minutes south gets you to the Rockefeller centre which is a maze of shops and restaurants and is much more than just the view, or go west for Times Square. A walk a bit further will see you at the Empire State Building, so all of the above can be seen within an afternoon for sure. 

The hotel is 4 stars. We stayed in a Premier City View Room with a view of 6th Avenue. The hotel is quite old and my tip would be to ask for a low floor room. I dislike lifts at the best of times and will always opt for stairs, but reading the reviews and experiencing it myself on the second day, we quickly realised how slow the lifts were. There are only three and can fit about 6 people in them at a push. They are super slow and with all of the floors of the hotel to cover it is not unusual to wait quite a while for the lift. I requested a low floor room and was kindly given one on floor 3. There is no ground floor here, so floor 1 is ground and 2, 3 and so on. When none of the lifts arrived on the second day, we asked a member of staff walking past about the stairs situation as the main foyer stairs only go to the second floor (1st floor in the UK if you will). He said there was a back staircase that we could use, and this took us down to the back quarters as such. I realised however that if we went to floor 2, we could just go through the door, walk through the lounge and go down the main stairs into the foyer, meaning that we were only in the back section (used by maintenance/maids I assume) for one floor. We saw so many people on our stairs journey so I know that the lifts can be an issue for many people, so unless you're set on a high floor for the view I would recommend requesting a low floor. 

Now for the little details:
Tip wise, we left a few dollars every day for the maids. Rooms were cleaned daily. The coffee was a Starbucks brand however creamer was powered so buy some milk or a bottle of creamer if you like it even slightly lighter. There is a mini fridge under the TV. The beds were huge and very comfortable. Noise wise of course you can hear the road, it is busy New York after all, but the noise level didn't keep us up at all, and if it does, pop on the air-con and it's like white noise and will drown it out.

Would I stay at the Warwick again? Without a doubt. Doormen were polite and kind. Room was big (for NYC!) and always well kept. The location was perfect. And one of the more important aspects, the price, that was great for a 4 star hotel that was situated where it was.

The bathroom reminded me of our Italian hotel in Rome!
The very large beds!


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