Saturday 3 January 2015



I think that really it doesn't matter how good your make up, without the right tools, the best cannot be shown. I have 3 Real Technique brushes, and they really were the est impulse buy I've ever done...
They're an investment, because at the average price of £9.99, someone may not be able to buy more than one or two at a time (for example moi). Sounds stupid but I really did have to convince myself that I was making the right choice to spend that much money on something that I could practically use my fingers for. 
But I can't stress how much these things have helped me in my make-up life. They're the right amount of soft vs strong. Everything looks smooth and natural afterwards (well.. as natural as red cheeks and gold lips can be...). Soooooo I love them.

Short post tonight as I've had the longest day at work ah!

Good night lovelies

K x 


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