Tuesday 6 January 2015

Back to school blues..

Tuesday 6th Jan. Back to school Eve.

My Lush face mask has been applied, pjs waiting on the bed, and a clean set of duvet covers sit on the desk chair waiting to be snuggled in. The pre-school prep is always the best part. However being in sixthform takes away the fun almost. The only lesson I have tomorrow is one from 9am-10.30am, which I shouldn't be moaning about, but the first day is meant to be a show stopping arrival. Instead I'm going into a class of 4 people for an hour and a half. Outfit=wasted. 
Do I still wear the pink shirt and statement necklace, only for one person to take half a glimpse, never mind appreciate the beauty of the thing? 

I'm also delaying my hair washing until tomorrow night, as I see more friends and people on Thursday, so taking that as my official day back. This whole post was pretty much a big sulk about having a very short day at school. Madness. 

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