Friday 23 January 2015

Product review: Maybelline Better Skin/Super Stay

Maybelline Better Skin/Super Stay.

Walking down the aisles of drug stores make me get all tingy. My previous post (make up diet) tells of how I need to cut down on things like foundation or eyeshadows, but that doesn't stop the attraction ( as make up really is beautiful). I've had an on/off relationship with Mabelline for ages now, and I find that when my skin is a little dryer the product doesn't work as well. Until I found this little beauty.

The first pump is always the best. The colour is a little darker than you'd think, for the lightest shade being 001, the swab was a little orange. However the coverage is just prefect, thick enough to cover any blemishes but not thick enough that your whole face looks like one stogy dark blob.
In my most recent video (What have I got in my bag? Which is uploading as we speak!) I spoke about how this was my holy grail product. although the colour is slightly off, it works well with bronzer as it covers the slight orange tinge. Soooooo overall I would definitely recommend this foundation, as a stand alone or as a whole 'look'.

K x

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