Thursday 15 January 2015

Make up diet!

I have alotttt of make up, foundations I've half used and eyeshadows that are yet to see the daylight. I also have a wish to buy a car soon (and enough money to get to work would help too) so I've decided to go on a make up diet *cries*.

From today-15th of Jan 2015- I vow to use up all my foundation and concealer, bronzer and blush, and everything lush.. ( I had to ;) ) before purchasing new or replacing old. Anything bought will be strictly on a need basis. This aims to help my bank balance, as well as my storage space. 

Under my bed there are boxes and boxes full of crap, including old make up bags with stuff that I can't make myself throw away. I know that I won't use certain things due to their shade or, for example, eye shadows because they do depend on the outfit of the day etc, but the necessities and the things that I regularly purchase are going to have to last a little bit longer. Next to me now sit 4 bottles of foundation, that I swap between per day depending on the look I'm going for. But do I really need 4 barely used bottles? ( don't get me wrong, a little voice just answered 'yes' quite loudly in my head). Clothes are also a major comtributing factor in my money issue, but for now the weather is still completely crap, so until spring or summer decide to pop up, nothing new 'needs' to be bought, therefore it won't be. She says.

So I urge you to uptake this diet with me, save the money, and use what you already have! 

K x

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