Wednesday 11 February 2015

Happy Katie :)

Waking up on Sunday to the bright February sun, shining through my crap see-through Curtains was just the beginning of my 'new start'. I have a job, can drive, a house to live in, and basically I was alive (clique I know). Summer is coming, slow but steady. Already it's lighter for longer and 2015 hold so many memories to make. Spring means new life, chicks, eggs, insects, so needs to be celebrated. Here the snow is still on and off and the warm weather seems years away. But by hoping summer would come faster is a small way of wishing my life away. Summer marks the start of university, and the end of my 'schooling' as such, something I don't want to end, so I've decided to be happy. I want to make something of the day, whether that's by giving to charity or finishing a piece of work I've been stuck on, tiding my room or getting round to writing blog posts that I keep forgetting to do (whoops). Just live in the moment. You make yourself happy, the environment and people around you can only assist with that. I cant wait for my new adventures to begin but for now I'm just happy with today.

K x

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