Tuesday 17 February 2015

Happiness is...

Good morning/afternoon/evening my dears,

In my last blog post I spoke about being happy and living in the moment. Since then I have done a few things to improve my day to day life, as well as gaining new routines which lead to good habits. I have since decided to start a new segment on this bloggysite called 'Happiness is...' which will talk about something little that made/makes me happy, and I hope will do the same to you. 

I guess the first 'Happiness is...' is blogging for me, and I'm guessing for a lot of you too. To be able to write things I wouldn't ever be able to say, to plan ahead and have this whole little world, your own space, on the World Wide Web that you own and can talk to, is magical. 

This mini series will (hopefully) happen every Wednesday, starting from tomorrow. I'd love for you to comment what little things make you happy, and gracious for life in general. Everyday brings a new inspiration into my life, seeing success, love, and overall contentment means the world to me.

K x

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