Wednesday 18 February 2015

Happiness is... A tidy room

-1. A tidy room.

'A tidy room equals a tidy mind'

For me, organising my space brings be such joy. Since I am only 18, I don't yet own my own house/apartment, so my bedroom is the place where everything is kept. I share the room with my 12 year old sister, one who couldn't care less about keeping it tidy and would love to have her 200 stuffed teddies laid all over the floor. However my room is the place where I do my make up, sleep (obviously), have a mini workout sesh, and spill out my emotions whilst laying on the bed. It's a place of comfort and safety, so I cherish it as so. When going into the home department in Asda or Primark, I always look for cute, vintagey styled things to go in my room and I cannot wait for the day I can expand my interior designing ideas into a much bigger space.

Keeping the room tidy wouldn't be so hard if I was the only person living in it. My sister loves to leave her clothes scattered everywhere and don't get me started on the boxes and boxes of Loom bands piled high in every corner. There was one a time a few years ago where both of our beds would leave a pitiful amount of space in the room and the doors to the built in cupboards could barely open. But since the re-introduction of a bunk bed against the only free wall, the floor space is surprisingly large(r).

I love nothing better than taking everything out of my wardrobe and sorting out clothes based on the next season, even when the current one has hardly begun. Needless to say, I have very little space in my wardrobe so the air-tight hover bags do wonders. I have been between a size 6-8 (UK size) since I was around 14 so about 99% of the clothes I own still fit and I could see a use for them in the future...

...This being one of my problems. My name is Katie and I am a Hoarder. From clothes to nail polishes, throwing things away gives me this giant feeling of guilt. Around my birthday/Christmas time, clearly the space in my room will be a little less, however unboxing things and throwing away the wrapping paper or useless cardboard really just hurts. Dried up nail varnishes used to hide away in boxes and tins under the bed as I couldn't bare getting rid of something that was coloured so beautifully. Bottles of foundation laid in my draws as I told myself that I'd find a use for them at some point...despite the off shade and crappy coverage that a cheap make up product, bought with my pocket money when I was 13, could give me. If my mum/dad/nan e.t.c gave me something, make up/box/e.t.c, no matter how old, off or plain useless it was years down the line, I physically could not throw it away. Until yesterday.

Yesterday I changed my bed covers (always a happiness bringer), took my mattress off, and delved into the unseen...under the bed. Now, I've always kept it pretty tidy under there, 2 suitcases and 3 big boxes. 1 being full of shoes (that I do infact use) and the other being full of crap. After sorting through these boxes I hovered everywhere and places them neatly back, somehow managing to have more space than I did before... (Tetris eat your heart out). For my room, I bought a storage draw thing in baby blue (closet thing they had to mint green :( ) from B&M Stores for a good £14.99. In the top draw goes bits I might need, including extra candles, Selotape, and whiteboard e.t.c. The second holds all of my camera equipment, third being my extra make up/skin care draw and last holding some t-shirts that I had no where to put beforehand. I managed to fit the remaining Christmas/birthday presents for myself and my sister into one large gift bag. This, and the draws, hide the mountain of Loom bands lurking in the corner of the room.

I then took my old fairy lights from my previous bed and wrapped them around the bars of my sister's bunk above, which I think looks super cute when they are on in complete darkness. Little things go along way with cleaning or tidying up. I took everything off of the windowsill and put 6 candles and holders in a line with my sister's giraffe statue in the middle, plain but lovely looking.

Tidying and rearranging can be done quickly, and can brighten up your room and day when everything is done and you're left with something to be proud of. Whether you do have a whole house to keep on top of, or just a small bedroom, you'll feel 10 x happier walking around in it and even working in it if it's tidy and organised the way you want it to be.

Happiness is...A tidy room, something simple, good for your health, and makes every moment spent there just that little bit more peaceful.

K x

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