Wednesday 25 February 2015

Happiness is...random acts of kindness

-2. Random acts of kindness

'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'

As the train pulled into the station on my way home from work, around 20 people stood by the doors ready to fight for their spot inside the carriage. Since being small, ill and not up for the barging, I stood back waiting for the crowd to push and shove their way on. I've never seen the point in rushing to get on, because within 2-3 stops, the carriage would be practically free once again. Every weekend I witness the same thing. It doesn't matter who you are or what time of day it is, you can be the first person in front of those doors yet someone will always try and push past you. However there will be a few people who stand back, let those who got there first have the righteous first step on to the train or offer to help you if you have too many bags for example. 
These are the best people.

Even today I was standing in the que in a supermarket with a friend who had a lesson soon. Usually there are only a few people waiting to be served at this time so the length of the que was a little worry about being late to class. But since it was the only break we had all day, buying the food was necessary (and because we're both food lovers). We joined the line and my friend looked at her time with a worrying face. A random man in front of us with a huge trolley full of shopping turned round, looked at our sixth form badges and offered for us to go in font of him with the words 'I wouldn't like to think of you girls being late to college'. This was just a small gesture of kindness from one human to another.

Being religious (and even if you aren't) I think treating others in the same way to want to be treated is key. Everyone has spoken behind someone else's back rudely (aka slagging off) but the second we find out that the said person knows what we have said, we feel guilty and ashamed of ourselves. So just don't do it (or try not to...). If you'd feel crappy hearing things like that about you, so would anyone else.

Kindness ideas:

- Offer seat on train/bus
- Let someone else go first
- Donate to the homeless
- Smile

When doing something that you know will make someone else happy, you yourself have a feeling of pride/happiness. Just be nice. Its the best.

Happiness is... random acts of kindness.

K x

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