Saturday 7 March 2015

Happiness is...getting along with family

-3. Getting along with family.

Life has never been straightforward for anyone, including me. Family doesn't mean those who have the same blood as you but those who stand by you, support you and you can reply on. This has always recollected with me as my own 'blood' members have become the people that let us down. 

But ofc you can not choose your family, they just kinda happen to you. Especially the ones you live with. These mongs are the subject of this post. Every day brings a new argument, irritant or even a cringylovefest. 

I live with my mum, brother and sister. The arguments with my mum are rare now as I think I've grown out if the stroppy teenager phrase (sort of;)) so that's that. My brother just sits in his room playing some sort of computer game so our paths don't cross that much. However my sister, the dyslexic and ODC prone 12 year old, is honestly the bane of my life. Growing up we were completly different. I loved cheapy make up sets and dressing up as a princess. She wanted to be a dinosaur and Lord knows the bribe would have to be high for her to even think about wearing a dress. I can literally pin point the days she has worn a dress. The last being on her communion day, nearly 6 years ago... And even then she wore leggings underneath. 

To this day she knows exactly how to get to me, from leaving her clothes on the floor to sitting on my bed when I'm on the phone. But I guess that's what I have to deal with. 

If I sat and ranted about the things people do to annoy me, I'd be here all day. And possibly irritate myself. So what's the point. It's healthy to have a little moan every now and then, get it out of your system. Then stop. 

Getting along with family can mean a lot of things, helping with chores that aren't your own or something simple like making tea in the morning for someone when they wake up. I have to ask myself questions sometimes to make sure I don't say things that I don't mean, or stop myself being an arse on purpose. 

You're always going to think of something that someone in your family does to get at you. Every single day. But you know that your family are everything to you, would do the best by you and looking back, 99% of the arguments I've had are super petty and really could have been avoided. 

I've decided that my sister's role in my life is to p*ss me off. So really she's only doing her joy aye. 

So whilst I have to live with them, I'll just pick those clothes off the floor, ignore & just breathe.

K x

(Massive throwback... Who knows what we were all looking at) 

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