Thursday 19 March 2015

Day time skin care routine

First things first  (I wont't do it... I won't...) I usually wake up tired, hungry and hoping that my alarm has made a mistake and it's actually 3am instead of 6.30am. It's never wrong. I reluctantly get up, doss around a bit and usually make some tea (PG Tips is a must) and then it's go time (not the fastest go time at this early AM but still... Go time).

1-Wash face
Clean and Clear; Morning Energy Skin brightening face wash 
I bought this little gem a few months back, when Asda was selling it half price. Before this, I've always struggled to find a face wash that wasn't either too harsh and dried my skin out, or something that did absolutely nothing to help. I was very spotty and had very very oily skin, both of which have changed since using this baby. I still get spots, I'm 18 and puberty hasn't quite finished yet (she says, hoping a Mila Kunis type face will appear in the next few months). But the level of spots that I have has decreased massively, partially due to my hormones but a lot to do with this wash. My face is now a lot dryer than before, which isn't the best thing in the world, but means I can work with moisturiser more and my make up sits a lot better than it did on an oily face. 

2-Face wipes
Simple Kind To Skin; Cleansing Facial Wipes
These are the boss of all make up wipes. For a product that is told to be avoided, wipes are still a huge part in most people's routine. After I wash my face I know l still might have some make up lurking around my noes around my hair line that I forgot to get, or has fallen/rubbed around through the night.  They are a lot easier to use to rub off extra eyeliner from the night before (however not wet/moistured enough to take off mascara completely) so ofc are very efficient. I also like to just throw one over my face a few times (as in wipe it... Not throw them at my face....) to freshen up a tad if I'm not planning on a big make up day.

3- Eye make up remover
Olay Essentials; eye makeup remover
I haven't used an eye make up remover enough to feel qualified enough to judge one just yet. However I know that this works really well, gets off all mascara quickly and there's no need to scrub.

Simple Kind to Skin; replenishing Rich moisturiser
A little goes along way with this one. I love the softness after it has all sank in and honestly you get soo much for your money, even in the small travel sized pots. This moisturiser is the only one I trust on my face, and the only one I've ever used. I make sure to hit the key areas of dryness, being my nose, pores, under eyes and forehead, as throughout the day they need to be looked after as to not make my make up chip or look dry and scaley. 

5-Spot treatment
Simple Spotless skin; Rapid action spot zapper
After the moisturiser, I dab this on my skin in the places where I feel are the most spotty or the most likely to breakout (for me it's my chin and nose area). I mix it with the moisturiser on the skin and this allows it to soak in quicker (or so it seems). As a spot treatment by itself; I couldn't really tell if it worked or not as I do reply on my face wash as the main source of clearer skin, but it's nice to have a back up treatment on my skin in case I do breakout. 

 For me, the perfect skin would be glowey/duey and soft, with no spots or dryness. But of course that might never happen so until then these little gems come in handy, for a very small price.


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