Saturday 21 March 2015

Let's have a little Spring...

The eclipse yesterday (20/03/2015) wasn't the greatest of successes I've ever seen. The whole sky was grey until about 11AM, covering the sun/moon crossover completely. Some of my friends who sat outside and watched, said the sky did infact get darker then lighter again... Something I must have missed when having my 9AM shower. After 11, the whole weather seemed to change dramatically. Instead of the cold dark sky we were prepared to see, instead a rather quite hot, sunny day appeared our of nowhere. Sitting in the conservatory of my boyfriend's house; the heat blared through the open doors and windows and even outside was shirtless wearing worthy. 

Yesterday was the official start if spring. And spring made a fabulous comeback. 

Right now I'm sitting on my bed, looking at out the window to another dreary grey sky, slight chill coming through the window and the sun being no where to be seen. Yet the birds are still chirping and the wind isn't noticeable at all. The warmer weather means trips to seaside towns (I am determined to see Brighton this side of Christmas) and little strolls around the park in shorts and crop tops. 

I remember once (whether this was a dream or real is still debatable) that it snowed on Easter Sunday. Easter being the model of all things spring-like. So I think the weather is doing quite well for a British Spring time. For now anyway. 

I haven't given anything up for Lent this year as I completely forgot to until recently when I was asked about it, and I think starting half way through is a little cheating ;) 

K x

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