Thursday 26 March 2015

Blogger's fashion week...

The 25th of March 2015 was the start of Bloggers fashion week. I was grateful to attend the first day of the event with the team from The Bloggers Hub and had such an amazing time.
I picked up a few goodies which I'll talk about in another post, but overall, the event was so well organised and I can't wait for next year! The event was held in a studio in London, the perfect place for a bloggey gathering I do think. This post showcases the (sadly) little amounts of photographs I was able to take on the day. I was super overwhelmed by everything, from the stands of companies like Joe Browns and Magnitone to the fashion show and dj in the other room. I even got my nails painted by some lovely ladies just before I left! Superb job to everyone involved in setting up and running the event! x

Blogger event tips: -Always take a bottle of water (it's about to get real hot in there)
                               -Some of these people are models; don't feel too bad.
                               -Always take a business card. Always.
                               -Pretend you're not too overwhelmed...act cool...
                               -Wear what the hell you like (for me-print trousers are a must)
                               -No matter how small-a-blogger you are, you're here for a reason, keep going!
                               -Have fun, these things don't happen too often!

Clearly the flash didn't want to come out and play for this one! Silly pics with my chick x

Fashion show!

And again... (terrible vid I'm aware, fiddly camera+freshly painted nails=bad mix!)
                                                         Need these lanterns for my room...

How pretty x

K x


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