Friday 27 March 2015

The Water Drink diet.

I've never been a fan of water, the taste (especially from a tap) was horrible and ofc I'd choose fizzy drinks over water any day. I've had braces for nearly 2 years and I've only just realised now much damage I've done to my teeth with these drinks. I have a small stain on the top of my brace/tooth. Although not visible to anyone unless you come unnervingly close to my mouth, I'm still gutted about it. When I do eventually get my brace off and can clean my teeth properly for the first time in 2 years, then  I will try and use every technique to whiten them and get them back to normal. I've always brushed my teeth twice a day, mouthwash and wire brushes to make sure they were clean, but since I was still getting stains, there must be a cause that wasn't my brushing. 

Secondly, my skin and body needs this. My skin can be cleaned and moisturised until the cows come home, but if it hasn't got the nutrients it desires, then any problems won't go away. I want to detox my body of everything crap I've eaten recently and I hope this gives me more energy to do things like go for a run, just to add to the healthiness.

I aim to drink 2-3L a day, a huge task for me. My food diet won't change much because I purely want to see what water can do solely for me, and then change any foody things later on. I want my teeth, skin, and body to be alot healthier and these's nothing better to help achieve this than water. 

K x

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