Friday 24 April 2015

Sebamed Clear skin pre-review

Since I started wearing make up, around 14/15, my skin has been on a rollercoaster of spots, oily to dry, and just unhappy. I took many tablets and used alot of creams and washes to try and give some life back into my face, which never seemed to work. Although now I'm older, my skin isn't soo bad, which could be related to the products I'm using or just my hormones, but I still wake up every now and then with a giant red (yellow or black) unwanted guest upon my face (who usually brings a few of his friends along too).

Sebamed are a company that specialise in skin, baby, troubled, every type. I recently discovered the brand, but straight away was intrigued by the products and what they offer. On Monday I will be doing everything I can to help my skin and body nurse itself to health, so using Sebamed products will help me so much. After 28 days of using the creams and cleansers, I will finally be able to see the results, which I will report back.

Feel free to et me know if you have tried the brand and if it has worked for you!

K x

*Products mentioned in this post were gifted not bought*

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