Friday 24 April 2015

SlendertoxTea pre-review

Like I've previously said, slender teas (or cleansing teas) are a must right now. There are many companies jumping on the tea wagon, and although some can be quite expensive or not work, I'm excited to delve into this tea-craze and cleanse myself at the same time.

I received small samples on Slender Tox Tea at the #BLFW event in February, but yesterday I received a nice sized package from them, as they had sent me their 14 day and night tea bags!

On Monday I will start my tea journey. They recommend starting your tea on a day off or a day where you aren't doing too much, which with my school and work... isn't going to happen for another 5 weeks.

I really would recommend trying Slender Tox Tea, and tell me if it has worked for you!

You can buy it here!

K x

*Products mentioned in this post were gifted not bought*


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