Saturday 11 April 2015

Late night blogging

Short post tonight as its 3 minutes to 12AM and I have that sort of weird tiredness where I'm not able to sleep.,,
Recently I've come to realise that some people just aren't good for you. Your 'friends' who may laugh at your dreams or roll their eyes when you talk about something you love, aren't good people. Good people are those who stay up until 2AM talking about your dreams and why you should do everything you can to achieve them. Recently I've realised that some 'friends' will always be there for you, whilst some will leave you once the next best thing comes along, then wonder why you don't bother replying to their texts. My 'friends' are split into a few groups as such, my boyfriend and his friends, my best friend from primary that will always be there, friend from school that I rarely cross paths with, and the friends you see everyday without fail. The latter being the ones that can change instantly and hurt you the most. I wont end this post with the story of my current friend-sitch, but I know exactly who I need in life, who I don't, and who I never did.

K x

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