Monday 1 June 2015

A Small Statement

 Every year I wildly (but quietly) search for the perfect necklace to accompany a collar or adorn my neck with. Here are just a few semi-statement pieces (inc. a bangle) that are simple enough to work with any piece but yet are bold enough to be noticed.

Forever 21 (around the £7 mark...)
How gorgeous is this?? Mint green. Check. Diamonds (fake but classy). Check. Flowers and leaves. Check. What more could a girl as for? I wear this with a white short sleeved shirt, with the sleeves and collar popping over the top of a plain black skater dress. Lush.

Select (£3-4)
Super simple, gold wired flowers with small diamond features in the middle. Completes any monochrome look fabulously. It was in the sale too!

Select (£3-4)
I loved this burgundy/ deep red coloured one. Small gem petals of a flower with a thin gold coloured chain. I team this with a white shirt, burgundy jeans and white converse!

Fossil (price unknown since it was an 18th gift)
Traditionally; on a child's 18th birthday they are given a key, symbolising responsibility and all that good stuff. My mother didn't want to just buy me an 18th key so she bought me this gorgeous thing instead. Pure silver, this bangle fits perfectly on my wrist with the key shape facing upwards. The means so much more than just a key, as I can keep part of my birthday with me forever. *and the crowd goes 'awww'*

K x


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