Monday 1 June 2015

Every day make up routine (PLUS BENEFIT ROLLER LASH REVIEW) : June 2015

Now, when I say everyday I simply mean the days I can be asked to get up early enough to sit through the whole routine... I don't generally wear all of this for work, nor for popping to the boyfriends house. I wear make up for the sheer joy of it (and to use it up so I have an excuse to buy more mwahahaha)...

Rimmel London Match Perfection: 010 (aka the lightest one!)
Love thisss! Its a re-purchase as I was so sad to see the first bottle go a few months ago. Since then I experimented with a few other brands but either the shade wasn't quite right or it didn't sit as I wanted it to on my face, so I came straight back to this one! Not too thick but the coverage is just right (I barely need concealer now...).

Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot
The translucient powder is super handy as you don't have to spend ages searching for your own skin color. I've had this one for a few months now and there's still a good few more month's worth left in there! Favourite powder of all time.

Rimmel London Sun Shimmer
This matte powder is super light (see swatch) so I have to apply 3/4 lots of it when contouring to even get a glimpse of 'shimmer'. The shimmer is only light so it's definitely more matte than shimmer, which is fab. At first it had a cute little sun design on top of the powder but since I have to practically dig at it for colour, this has since gone. But once the colour comes through, it's beaut! 

MUA blush in the shade Bon Bon
Cheap and cheerful, this blusher does what it says on the tin (or rather the plastic flippy thing). The colour itself is very pigmented, very bright and requires the tiniest amount or you shall look like a tomato. 

Collection Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit
Since I've started getting my eyebrows done every few months, a it like this has been super necessary. I use the brown colour to fill in any gaps, brush the black colour once over to make sure everything is the same shade, and then once over with the white/yellow (barely visible however) over the top just to make sure my brows are two thin slugs across my face :) P.S. I completely ruined the brow used to be clear...tip: brow mascara then powder... not the other war round...

Soap & Glory SuperCat eyeliner
Another repurchase! When my old one started to fade, my eyes looked bare so I knew this baby worked wonders. Simple felt tip pen style, easy to use and quick drying!

And last but by no means least: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
I present to you the Holy Grail of all mascaras. For a (big) price of £19.50 you can be owner of the most wonderful mascara I have ever used. The mini sample was so fab that buying this was a necessity, so a quick pop into Debenhams and this beauty was mine! I was a little on the edge about buying it as I have never owned a high end product before (forgetting the samples). But this actually changed the way I thought about my lashes. Faking it was always the way to go, as my lashes continuously clumped together and would not keep the volume I needed for any length of time. I tried the sample Roller Lash that came free with Elle or Company magazine in Feb, and instantly fell in love. The drug store princess has ventured out of her castle (Idk where I'm going with this). You can buy one here! AKA I love Roller Lash!!!

K x


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