Thursday 2 July 2015

MAGNITONE REVIEW! #Summerskin in just 7 days!

My first encounter with Magnitone was at the Bloggers Love fashion week back in Feb. Amongst all of the stools and brands, one stood out to me. The words 'clearer skin' drew me towards the ladies at the counter, demonstrating The Magnitone, it's brush heads, and telling everyone what it can do for your skin. I was determined to get one, and when I was asked whether I was up for working with Magnitone, I jumped into the que to get one. The lovely lady who was figuring out who to 'gift' a Limited edition Pixi Lott Magnitone Lucid to asked a group of us to individually talk about our blogs and how we would help Magnitone to become a bigger name. I spoke honestly about my blog, about restarting this and my Youtube channel, but also about all other types of social media that bloggers have a following on. I was lucky enough to receive a Magnitone on the night, to the jealousy of my non-bloggy friend, and I honestly didn't want to ruin the pretty box and packaging whilst opening it. 

Eventually my skin started to flare up again. I have always had a large amount of spots (see many other posts about Skincare for more info on my skin troubles!) so I decided to unbox the cute little pink thing and give it a whirl. I've used it for around 3 months on the trot and not once have I had to charge it! I have used many facial cleansers, and yet each have paired nicely with the handly little machine and kept my face as clear as it has ever been. Magnitone promise you 7 days for clearer skin, and I don't think it even took 7 days for me...

Would I recommend it? 100% yes! My mother has now got one too and we both couldn't be happier! And now until the 31st of July you can purchase a Magnitome Lucid with 20% off with the code BLOVE20 by clicking here!

Magnitone are always offering discounts and sales on their products and I can't talk highly enough of them!

If you're a blogger yourself, don't be afraid of contacting Magnitone to discuss business or for any enquiries about promotions!

Buy a Magnitone here!

Twitter: @Magnitone #Summerskin

K x


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