Wednesday 7 October 2015

Smiffys Halloween Shoot 2015

Smiffys. Known for costumes and make up, and is quite a household name come halloween time. Their 'Horror Doll' costume was a perfect fit for me. I used a mixture of the Smiffys Make Up FX Greasepaint and my own make up to complete the face look. The quality of their own FX make up did actually surprise me! The colours in the pallet only need a few applications, where as a lot of brands take a while to build up. The shoot took place in a cemetery after closing time (all done legally obviously) and for me, it was great being able to plan a group shoot, direct and be in the shoot itself.

Smiffys have a huge variety of costumes each year, this one being no different. From zombies and witches to clowns and 'twisted' fairytales, you an be anything, and can play each one up or down.
For my make up I decided to stick a doll look, not too horror-esk as I felt the mask did that itself. In any horror movie, the sound of a child laughing, dolls moving or talking and nursery rhymes sung slightly more creepy can send a chill down anyone's spine. I tied my hair into two dutch braids and accentuated the blushed rosey cheeks and eerie smile. The costume itself was great. The mask was a fabulous touch to the outfit, the dress wasn't too short and you could pair it with a teddy bear or small dolly to complete the look!

My family are very costume orientated, with fancy dress parties every few months and halloween being a good excuse to get together. I always order my outfit from Smiffys. Whether that's online or in a fancy dress shop, the quality is always high.  To accompany my outfit, I asked a few of my lovely family members to dress up in their favourite Smiffys outfit too and some of the results are below! Check back soon for a full photoshoot from the day! I would like to thank everyone involved for helping me with this little shoot and I thank Smiffys for their involvement too! 

Enjoy x

Horror Doll costume- £34.99 from

Smiffys' Make up FX; Grease Paint £5.49 from

K x

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