Friday 6 November 2015

Statement Made Jewellery

Not too long ago, I got in contact with a sweet little jewellery company and managed to get my hands on a few of their goodies. Statement Made have a huge range of the most beautiful products I've ever seen. Along with this post, I am in the process of editing a little outfit choice thing to go along with a review of the pieces, so look out for that soon! Here I wanted to showcase the products in detail through photographs. 100% ordering Christmas presents from here! 

Samantha Arrowhead CZ set silver plated adjustable ring £17.90

When looking for rings, I am always very aware of the sizing. Being claustrophobic, rings that technically 'fit' I find way too tight and will always buy a size bigger. This is adjustable. It's just fab! The design is lovely, simple yet striking. Super classy but perfect if you want to add a bit of a shine to your hand! The ring itself is lightweight too, so is easily an everyday piece. I love the arrow idea and how thin the metal is. Eye catching but still so simple! 

This one has now been discontinued but I thought I'd show you it anyway!

This necklace is yet another design that's simple yet oh so effective! The blue stands out against the silver as a light glimmer of colour and looks lovely under collars of shirts (I do love a good collar/necklace combination)! The chain is at a good length too. By that I mean some chains are at that awkward medium length, too short to go under a t-shirt to look nice, but too long to be layered with longer pieces. This one is slightly shorter than the medium. It sits on my collar bone nicely so works with shirts or tops/t-shirts so that it hangs above the top of it. 

Angel chimes chiming bola ball open swirl with angel wing pendant necklace £18.90

Now my favourite of them all, the stunning angel / chimes & wing pendant! This is just beautiful. I've been getting into more low cut tops recently (not too low cut as it's slightly cold and the trashy look isn't one for me) and the chain on this is super long! It sits just between my chest and midriff where the point of a low cut dress would sit mad with open shirts, the ball lays at the end point of the gap is, if that makes sense (you'll see what I mean in the video!). Aside from the wear-ability, this is a show stopper in itself. I love the idea of angels, being a Christian I've grown up with the idea of angelic creatures with rays of light behind them, gracefully telling virgins they are carrying the Son of God and I love the idea that angels are watching over us as guardians. The pendant is a open-able clasp with a coloured ball inside. This colour can be chosen when ordering but I think the pink is lovely myself. The chime gives the piece a USP as it were, making this necklace my favourite in my jewellery box. 

I spoke to the lovely lass behind the brand and asked a few questions about the life of a jewellery seller.

When did the brand start?
"The brand (ooh brand - fancy!) Started when I was working in retail jewellery and I realised that jewellery no longer had meaning, you would sell one piece from the shelf then immediately refill it with another, you could be walking around and see 5 other people with the same jewellery as you! And I kinda felt that defeated the object! So I started seeking out and creating unusual jewellery about 4 years ago now, never knowing what it could become! The online store started 14 months ago, along with our etsy store and It's been growing ever since!"

What things inspire your new pieces?
"The biggest factor that inspire the designs is the world around us. A great deal of the sterling silver pieces are designed around nature, and the idea of nature. The other big inspiration is emotion, our scripted meanings collection is full of pieces with meaningful words, that people can carry with them always."

Any advice for the avid jewellery maker
"My advice for jewellery makers would be, (excuse the 90s pun!) Don't let anybody cramp your style! Your process is your process, the Internet can be a dangerous place for budding entrepreneurs, you read the things you 'should be' doing, and you end up trying to become a robot! People buy from you because you're unique, let that shine through your work and everything you do!"

What's the story behind the angel chimes necklace?
"The story behind the angel chimes necklace was actually meditation and yoga! I'm an avid yogi but I found it really hard to switch off and zen out! So this was the solution! With little enamel interchangeable  balls with brass xylophones inside them, they're great for interchanging the colours and styles to match whatever you're wearing.The sounds they emit are a little bit like wind chimes, but as you move the gentle chimes are just so relaxing, you can't help but take a deep breath and relax!"

What is the best part of the job?
"The best part of the job is seeing people wear what you have created and brought to them. I especially love it when they're bought for gifts and the person receiving loves it! I have had emails before saying thank you and how wonderful their gift is. That's the best feeling in the world!"

I really do urge you to check out the website, have a nosey at some of the most unique products I've come across (real flower necklaces? Yes please) and you can click here to find any of the products I've mentioned!

K x


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