Thursday 3 December 2015

Favourite Winter Lip products!

It's Christmas! I thought today I'd bring you my top few lip sticks, glosses and my fave lipbalm for this festive season! I was debating whether to film this for my Youtube channel or simply write a post, but the colours of these products are too beautiful not to be seen up close, which I can really only emphasise on my little blog. 

Lip Balm:

EOS Lip Balm in 'Sweet Mint'
Although partially expensive (my mum was slightly taken aback when I told her it was £7...) EOS have been a favourite in the US for years now. Here in the UK, the brand is pretty sparse, with dupes from places like Primark and other companies just not quite hitting the mark. Carmex, for me, is a NO. 1 product for dry lips, but I decided to try this little guy out in a 2 second grab at the till, because who really needs to think thoroughly about what they purchase? Safe to say I am super pleased that TopShop have started to stock these! I picked up the Sweet Mint flavoured one (as we all know I'm a sucker for mint green things) and the second you open the lid, the smell hits you in the face (literally, I pulled too hard and the lid made a bee line for my mouth).

Lip Sticks:

Rimmel London Kate Moss 107
As seen on many a vlogger & blogger's lip, this gorgeous dark red suits every skin tone. I'm extremely pale, meaning darker tones are very hard to work with. As like many people, I saw how well Zoe Sugg made this look so decided to try it out for my sixth form Prom. I actually wore it on the night, which is a huge step into the confidence zone for me. I love this colour alot and the consistency of the product itself is super smooth too.

New Look Pure colour in 'Mid Pink'
Whilst snooping around the tiny make up section that the New Look store near me has, I came across this cute colour for a really good price. I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a 'mid pink' as it is very much on the darker end of the pink spectrum, but nonetheless, a lovely colour to wear everyday. Not too light, but work wearable.

Revlon Super lustrous lipstick in 447 'Black Cherry'
The darkest lipstick I own, this one popped up in my October (I think) Glossybox. This is very daring for me and I would really suggest dolling yourself up before you wear this. I don't mean smother every slab of foundation and highlighter onto your face, but do your make up so you feel good about how you look. When I sit down for an hour and just take my time to do it, making sure I use that new primer I bought or buffing in my bronzer for a long time, it helps my confidence massively, helps to make me feel pretty, not that you need make up to look pretty blah blah blah. When I feel good about how I look, then when I put on a more adventurous eye colour or lip colour, I tend to like it more.

Top Shop Lip Bullets
These 'bullets' are cheaper than the normal Top Shop lipsticks and come in a little plastic container with string to enable you to hang them on the tree and I think they'd make fab stocking fillers! The darker of the two I've had since last Christmas and worn a handful of times. Only recently I've realised that it looks quite similar to the Rimmel 107, which I'm not complaining about. The second shade is a much more nude one. As you will see, nude colours are a big part of my Christmas make up routine. Especially for work when I'm standing around for hours on end, without a mirror so I can trust not to smudge or stain my face all day. Add a lip pencil for a more statement lip and it's super easy to wear.


Clinque 'Nude Pop'
This is another nude colour, but this time a little pinker than the others. For a 'no make up day' but with just something that says 'I'm trying a little' this colour is perfect. When I'm drinking hot drinks like my favourite hot chocolate from Cafe Nero (or is it Costa hmm...) having a basic colour really helps to reduce the horrible mess that is inevitable upon your takeaway cup. I think it's just lovely.

Maybelline New York Colour sensational 740 'Coffee Craze'
I bought this on one of my first days at university. It's the perfect brown toned nude shade for pretty much the whole year round. It's super easy to apply, and actually smells delicious! This is one of my go-to's for an everyday routine.

Lip Pencil:

New Look pure colour lipliner 17 (I think it's 17!)
A perfect nude shade to outline your lips for any lip colour I do believe. Very very similar to the Top Shop nude lip colour! Since alot of newer lip liners are being made in the tube packaging that you can wind up when necessary, I like to use this as an all over colour. Since the colour isn't too prominent, it's easily fade-able without leaving a patchy mess on your lips, so easy to reapply when necessary! New Look have really stepped up their game with their cosmetics this year!

Lip Gloss:


MUA Luxe Limited Edition 'Glitz'
Possibly the best free gift I've every gotten. Oh so cheap but oh so sparkly. The ultimate in Christmas themed lip products. Its red. And Glittery, That is all I need to say.

K x


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