Friday 5 February 2016

Guide to the printed trouser

Now, I have many an array of the trusty trouser. I love bright colours and various prints that can make a statement at all times of year. Here I give a few of my top tips when dipping your tootsies into the world of the print.

1-Basic rule
Prints are there to attract the eye. They're the focal point of your outfit and should be respected as so. So in my view, a nice one toned top or shirt will assist nicely. I first experimented with this with I was 15. My school had tickets for a few of us to be in the audience of Got To Dance, and ofc I wanted to look at least half decent. I wore a white shirt with layers (slightly grey since 2012...) with animal print trousers (I can't stand cheetah or leopard prints, but I honestly cannot remember what the pattern of these trousers were, but it certainly was not one of these...) with white Lee Cooper high tops (my cheap alternative to Converse). I loved how this turned out, and although October was freezing, I was determined to not wear anything on top to hide my first proper put together outfit. For the record, I have hated animal prints since the summer just before this. During the time of the 2012 Olympics, my siblings, dad, and his parents took a trip to Butlins for a week, where I decided that leopard print leggings, shoes and strappy top looked great. I was wrong and each of these has since been binned for the good of everyone.

I have recently helped one of my friends with a clothing issue. She believes that as she is a larger lady (with a bum that anyone would be jealous of) that she cannot look nice in pretty much anything. Although it is an ongoing thing to help her to love herself, I went shopping with her one night and she took my advice with a lovely pair of black and white printed trouser and black strappy top. She loved it and her family loved it too. You go girl!

2-Wide leg
As with all wide leg trousers, most will hit the floor depending on the length of your legs. With these I think the Summer months are perfect. In a few months, the spring and summer ranges will be fully stocked and I'm hoping there will be a big range of lovely flowy trousers to be paired with some sandals and a crop top depending on the waist height.

3-Don't over crowd your body. Like I've said, one print is enough. Like with a loud top and quiet trouser, I think both black and white truly work with anything.

4-Autumnal colours
In the Summer, bright tones like pinks and yellows are dominant. But for the autumn (not necessarily the winter) browns, reds and oranges are the colours to go for. I have a pair of trousers from Dorothy Perkins that I bought just after the HSM 10 year reunion aired. As you can see, Ms Hudgens is a beautiful lass who's sense of style is right up my ally so the trousers are inspired by this look.

I've found a few of my favourite style inspiration images that make me long for the summer to wear so I thought I'd share them with you...
                                         K x

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