Friday 12 February 2016

B. Skincare pre-routine

As I perused the aisles of Superdrug I came across a little make up bag with three boxes. I'm assuming these were made for christmas gifts but at five pounds I couldn't turn it down. 

For the next month, starting on Monday the 15th, I'll be using these everyday to see if even cheap skincare products actually work. 

B. Rescued Balm:
This will act as a moisturiser. Right now, my skin is very dry and dull. My T-Zone will forever be the bane of my life so I'm excited to see if this helps at all!

B.Confident CC Cream:
This CC cream is in the shade Medium which could be an issue as I am very pale. However the product itself is meant to be colour correcting with an SPF of 45 so I'm hoping my skin will be one colour, so the shade won't be too much of a problem to work with. 

B. B Cream:
This is a light coverage cream so nice for anyone to use or build up. It also has Vitamin C so helpful to fight any signs of aging whilst hiding spots or blemishes.

At the end of each week I'll show how my skin is looking and my views of that week!

EDITED 18/02/2016: I have decided not to continue with this as the colour of the BB & CC cream were very orange and did not suit my skin tone at all. However I will continue to use the moisturizer (balm) and will review this in the near future. 


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