Tuesday 16 February 2016


Every week I'll be putting together a wishlist of my top 10 things from a certain website or company. This week: RAD. Scrolling through my Facebook I saw a sponsored ad with some cute looking tees and jumper images, along with the word sale in caps. So of course I wasn't to miss a sale so I clickity clicked on down to the site and looked through pages of T-Shirts, sweatshirts and even some home decorations. I've grabbed a few of the images of the things that I oh-so-want. 


I love tea, creating content and sleeping. So I kinda need this in my life I think. Graphic Tees are a cute alternative to plain ones with slogans or images that can relate to any aspect of life. This one happens to be my daily life. It's fab.


Unicorns are cute, fun and pastel coloured. They are seen as the outsiders. Underratedly cool. Which is why they are loved. I also love the navy and gold colour combo here!


Because cute shorts are the best. Plus who doesn't want everyone to know who they really are?


A Beyonce song is one of empowerment, strength and love. This print is one for the girls out there that need a little pick me up. To remind them that they're as badass as they come.


How lovely is this bag? The drawing itself is sweet and simple, whilst the typography made out of Einstein's quote is an attention grabber if I ever saw one.


When the new Star Wars film was released last year, it became a gold mine for products and gift ideas. My dad and brother both received SW themed christmas presents and I found many cooky t-shirts, books and prints like this. I just think they're super cool even if the movies aren't your thing.


Although I do love a good bit of peanut butter in my life, the colour of this sweatshirt was the thing that really stood out to me. Spring and Summer are on the way so bright yellow clothing is ready to hit the shops. Pair this with a nice collar and you're on your way to mustard coloured heaven. 


As a dedicated lover of cats, I find this jumper both appealing and a true statement about my life. It's pink. And Cat themed. And I one day shall own this and wear it with the upmost pride.


Grey is one of my favourite colours. Not only this, but the words on the jumper are the cutest. I can relive my childhood of loving mermaids and fairies and it's fabulous. (Also loving the font, it just stands out to me). 


 My star sign. 'Independence' and 'Optimism' are supposed traits of the sign and I feel to try and live up to this as much as possible. I also love the sweatshirt itself and will definitly be purchasing come pay day!


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